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You can buy this plugin here: CodeCanyon
You can see a live preview here: http://wpsoftdev-wcpca-demo.wpsoftdev.com/ .
WPSoftdev WCPCA ImageThis is a WooCommerce product category accordion plugin.

This plugin allows you to display a WooCommerce product category accordion by adding a widget. The widget can display images, whose size can be specified in the widget form. The WooCommerce product category thumbnails can be used, or you can specify a different image in a settings page. You can also disable images on a per category basis.

The plugin comes with four styles, a light, dark, blue and white one, which you can see at the demo site. The design outputs larger child-categories for mobile widths, and the breakpoint can be set in the widget form.

Support is provided through our website support form .


  • Display WooCommerce product category accordions with widgets
  • Optionally display images in the accordions
  • Display product category thumbnails in the accordion, or select or exclude images for individual categories
  • Select an animation speed for the accordion or turn off the animation
  • Select a style directly in the widget form, or style it yourself with CSS
  • Show or hide product counts for the categories
  • Show or hide empty categories
  • Current category or all categories of the current product are highlighted
  • Optionally disable parent links
  • Right to left text feature
  • Toggle mode option

Change Log

1.1.1 2022-09-21

  • Fixed a bug where the settings of all pages other than the displayed one, in the image selection admin pages, would be lost when saving

1.1 2022-08-23

  • Added an ‘order by’ and an ‘order’ option in the widget. Users can now have the accordion ordered by administration panel order, by name or by slug; and can order it in ascending or descending order

1.0.8 2022-08-15

  • Removed the activation form for the plugin. Plugin updates will in the future be available on CodeCanyon.net

1.0.7 2022-07-09

  • Fixed a bug where the widget form would save empty values of the margins from images to prouct category titles as 0 when empty. It now saves it as an empty string which doesn’t print a value of 0 in the page
  • Updated the plugin version value to the correct value. I missed updating it in the previous version

1.0.6 2022-07-08

  • Renamed a window property in the admin JavaScript, to avoid conflicts with other plugins by us
  • Moved the declaration of two instances of the variable ‘$is_ancestor’ in the file ‘class.wpsoftdev-product-category-accordion-printer.php’, to move it into scope of a comparison of it
  • Fixed media_query_child_categories_image_max_width to media_query_top_categories_image_max_width as key in a place in the printer php. The wrong key was specified there
  • Put the li item category names in span elements
  • Fixed a typo in the wpsoftdev-admin-style.css file

1.0.5 2022-06-28

  • Changed the name of the licenses settings page to reflect that there will be license forms for multiple plugins there
  • Renamed some window properties in the front-end JavaScript, to not conflict with other property names
  •  Added more notices in the widget form about settings that can’t be set from the widget form for widgets that are in widget groups
  •  Split the admin pages CSS into two files

1.0.4 2022-06-16

  • Added a toggle mode option

1.0.3 2022-06-11

  • Removed printing widget form specified inline CSS when the widget is in a widget group. Since the widget in that case doesn’t get an id

1.0.2 2022-06-10

  • Made it possible to leave empty fields in the widget form, and avoid printing such inline CSS; so that user CSS will not be overridden undesirably

1.0.1 2022-06-09

  • Added a license form to the license page
  • Added a widget option for disabling parent links
  • Added two more styles: Blue and White

1.0 2022-06-08

  •  The first stable version of this plugin


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